Inner Engineering


Just looking

If you really want to know spirituality, don’t look for anything. People think spirituality is about looking for God or truth or the ultimate. The problem is you have already defined what you are looking for. It is not the object of your search that is important; it’s the faculty of looking. The ability to simply look without motive is missing in the world today. We’re always trying to assign meaning to everything. Seeking is not about looking for something. It is about enhancing your perception, your very faculty of seeing.

Longing for Infinite

There is something within every human being that dislikes boundaries, that is longing to become boundless. Human nature is such that we always yearn to be something more than what we are right now. No matter how much we achieve, we still want to be something more. If we just looked at this closely, we would realize that this longing is not for more; this longing is for all. We are all seeking to become infinite. The only problem is that we’re seeking it in installments, through the acquisition of power, money, love or knowledge.

What is Happiness?

Whether we sought a career, started a business, made money, or built a family, it was always because we wanted just one simple thing: joy. What is well-being? Well-being is just a deep sense of pleasantness within. If your body feels pleasant, we call this health. If it becomes very pleasant, we call this pleasure. If your mind becomes pleasant, we call this peace. If it becomes very pleasant, we call this joy. When pleasantness is within, it is termed peace, joy, happiness. When your surroundings become pleasant, it gets branded success.  The only thing that stands between you and your well-being is a simple fact: you have allowed your thoughts and emotions to take instruction from the outside rather than the inside. Human folly is that people are always trying to extract joy from the outside. You may use the outside as a stimulus or trigger, but the real thing always comes from within. If you are aware, you can activate your system in such a way that simply breathing is an enormous pleasure. All it takes is a willingness to pay a little attention to the inner mechanism. An inability to be joyful by your own nature can make the simplest issues in life seem like highly complex problems.

Look Inside

When pain, misery, or anger happen, it is time to look within you, not around you. To achieve well-being the only one who needs to be fixed is you.To attain the ecstasy of border-less unity, which is our natural state, all you need to do is live by the guideline that all human experience is generated from within – either with the support of external stimuli or not.If you go outward, it’s an endless journey. If you turn inward, it is just one moment.

Take responsibility

Responsibility simply means your ability to respond. It means consciously responding to the situation. Only if you realize you are responsible, do you have the freedom to create yourself the way you want to be, not as a reaction to the situations in which you exist. Reactivity is enslavement. Responsibility is freedom. When you’re able to create yourself the way you want, you can create your life the way you want as well. Your outer life may not be a hundred percent in your control, but your inner life always will.The choice is always before you: to respond consciously to the present; or to react compulsively to it.The wealth of life lies only in how you have allowed its experiences to enrich you. No adversity is an impediment if you’re in a state of conscious response.


If you look at your life closely, you will find that you have done the most idiotic and life-negative things when you were angry. Above all you were working against yourself. Anger is singularly unpleasant- for you and for those at the receiving end. It’s counterproductive and therefore inefficient. Anger is rooted in your false perception that you can change the situation by losing your temper with it. But the reverse is true, that  can never change any situation for the better by forsaking your sense and intelligence. You only mess your situations by getting angry. Once you see that clearly, you’ve taken the first step towards change.


You arrive at Yoga only when you realize that your desire is essentially for the limitless, and that absolutely nothing else will settle you. Yoga tells us that we are actually composed of five sheaths or layers. They are Annamayakosha, or the food body, Manomayakosha, or the mental body, Pranamayakosha, or the energy body, Vignanamayakosha, or the etheric body and finally Anandamayakosha, or the bliss body. Yoga is not about being superhuman; it is about realizing that being human is super.